US should stop interfering in other states’ internal affairs – Cuba

CUBA says it’s been long since Cubans decided to frustrate every US attempt to govern their country’s destiny. Havana on Tuesday advised the US State Department to end the practice of interfering in internal affairs and the electoral or voting processes of other nations.

 “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba strongly rejects the disrespectful statement issued by the US State Department, attributed to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, which intends to question the constitutional referendum that was freely and sovereignly held by all Cubans on February 24,” the declaration reads in part.

Cuba stated that Pompeo’s statement was an expression of the imperialist ideas which were deeply rooted in the foreign policy of the current US administration of President Donald Trump. It stated that the Trump Administration wants impose once again, in the western hemisphere, the Monroe Doctrine, accompanied now by some McCarthyist intolerance.

“The Cuban people spoke loud and clear this February 24; they did it with overwhelming eloquence. Through their vote, they freely pledged their commitment to the construction of socialism, and they did so by expressing their will in a massive way, despite the pernicious campaign launched by the United States which was intended to influence their vote. It’s been long since we Cubans decided to frustrate every US attempt to govern our country’s destiny,” stated the Ministry. “The US State Department should put an end to the practice of interfering in the internal affairs of other states and the electoral or voting processes of other nations. This is a weird habit that is contrary to International Law, with which the US government defies the norms that govern relations among sovereign states.”

National Electoral Commission president Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez on Monday said preliminary results of the February 24 referendum indicated that 6,816,169 Cubans approved the new Constitution of the Republic, representing 73.3%  of all eligible citizens over 16 years of age. She explained that preliminary data show that 706,400 persons voted NO, representing 7.6% of eligible voters. Some 7,848,000 persons cast ballots, a voter turnout of 84.4%. But his statement, Pompeo stated that on February 24, the Cuban communist regime held what it called a “national referendum” on revisions to its constitution.

“No one should be fooled by this exercise, which achieves little beyond perpetuating the pretext for the regime’s one-party dictatorship. The entire process has been marked by carefully managed political theatre and repression of public debate,” he stated. “The new constitution primarily affirms the Communist Party’s role as the only legal political party and decrees the socialist system “irrevocable,” blocking the possibility of desperately needed economic reform. This document also fails to guarantee the Cuban people their fundamental freedoms.”

Pompeo stated that while the regime claimed Sunday’s vote was democratic, “Cuban authorities harassed and detained dozens of observers and peaceful protestors, confiscating phones and devices.

“Earlier this month, more than 120 activists initiated a hunger strike to send a message to the regime that the Cuban people reject these oppressive tactics. We strongly condemn these attempts to silence peaceful protests, which show that Cuba’s leaders fear the Cuban people,” stated Pompeo. “The United States continues to stand with Cubans who have suffered for 60 years the revolution’s failed political system and economic mismanagement. We believe that history is on the side of the brave Cuban people, and that this hemisphere is a region where democracy, freedom, and human dignity reign supreme. We urge the democracies of the world to join us in standing with the people of Cuba and their peaceful calls for democratic reform.”

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