Uzbekistan and Cuba discuss Cuban medicines against COVID-19

Cuba Uzbekistán

Through a videoconference held between Havana-Baku-Tashkent, specialists, researchers and executives of the health systems of Uzbekistan and Cuba discussed the Cuban drugs used in the protocols against the coronavirus.

With the presence of the Uzbek Deputy Minister of Health, Abdulla Azizov, medicine and drug experts from both nations valued Biomodulin T, made by the Cuban company Biocen for the treatment of respiratory conditions in older adults by Covid-19.

Other drugs such as recombinant interferon Alpha 2B (Heberon), CIGB-258 peptide (Jusvinza) and Alpha 2B plus gamma (Heberferon), also produced by the BioCubaFarma business group, were widely analyzed.

The videoconference, which lasted more than three hours, featured the experience of Dr. Dalsy Torres Ávila, who leads a Cuban Medical Brigade in Azerbaijan, treating patients with Covid-19.

The Uzbekistan experts considered the Cuban presentation very valuable and showed interest in deepening the collaboration between both nations in the field of health and medicines.

Today, September 17, the Uzbekistan Ministry of Health reported a total of 49,162 Covid -19 cases, with 45,474 recovered patients and 409 deaths.

Currently, 3,279 patients are treated in medical institutions, 469 of them are in serious condition and 259 patients in critical condition.

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