V Festival of Latin American Flavours was inaugurated in Canberra

Canberra, December 2.- On November 28, the Cuban Embassy participated in the fifth edition of the Canberra Latin American Flavours Festival. This festival is organized annually by Latin American diplomatic missions accredited in Australia.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Ambassador of Costa Rica, the country in charge of organizing the event this year, who highlighted the distinctive elements of Latin America and the Caribbean as a region, especially in its rich culinary culture that has transcended borders to conquer with its peculiar flavour and aroma the palate of millions of citizens in many countries, including Australia.

On the Australian side, the First Assistant Secretary of the Australian Foreign Ministry for Europe and Latin America, Ms. Cathy Raper, thanked the annual development of the event that allows to taste typical dishes of our region and stressed the influence of Latin American cultures in Australia.

The night was also an opportunity to enjoy typical dances from some of the countries present, including Cuba.

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