Vietnam, Cuba foster defence collaboration

Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) and Deputy Minister of National Defence, and visiting Sen. Lieut. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces held talks in Hanoi on October 24.

At the talks, which took place after a welcoming ceremony for the Cuban official the same day, Sen. Lieut. Gen. Cuong said that Sen. Lieut. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo’s visit continues to show the close attachment as well as the loyal and pure sentiments between the two countries in general and the two militaries in particular.

The visit, which is taking place when Vietnam and Cuba is marking the 60th anniversary of Cuba's establishment of the Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam (September 1963) the 50 years since Cuban leader Fidel Castro visited the liberated zone in South Vietnam (September 1973), will contribute to making the bilateral defence cooperation deeper, more practical, effective and long lasting, matching the common perspectives shared by senior leaders of the two countries.

For his part, Sen. Lieut. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo Vietnam for its support to Cuba, emphasised the strong relationship between the two countries and armies, and vowed to work hard to cement the Cuba-Vietnam relationship.

The two sides affirmed that defense cooperation is one of the important pillars in the two countries’ relations, contributing to preserving revolutionary achievements, in accordance with the needs and strengths of each country.

They shared the view that both sides have actively coordinated in deploying areas of cooperation, including delegation exchanges, training, defense industry, Party work, and military medicine, following a Vietnam visit in June 2023 by the Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Both sides agreed to continue to maintain the exchange of delegations, share professional experience, and increase cooperation in Party building based on the signed memorandum of understanding. They also agreed to effectively deploy defence industry cooperation in accordance with the needs, capabilities and conditions of each side, while actively deploying cooperation in other areas such as military medicine, training, and military and defence-related legislation.

The two officials also exchanged views on regional and international issues of common concern.

The same day, General Phan Van Giang, Politburo member, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission and Minister of National Defence hosted a reception for Sen. Lieut. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo.

General Giang hailed the visit by the Cuban official, and extended his regards to Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces Sen. Lieut. Gen. Álvaro López Miera.

Showing his sympathy to Cuba over the difficulties that the country is facing, affirming that the Party, State, people and the Vietnam People’s Army are always willing to support Cuba within the country’s capacity like Cuba has helped Vietnam.

Sen. Lieut. Gen. Roberto Legra Sotolongo briefed the host on his talks with Sen. Lieut. Gen. Cuong, during which the two sides evaluated the bilateral defence cooperation over the years and sketched out orientations for their future cooperation.

General Giang said that in the overall sound relations between the two countries, defence partnership has been reinforced and developed, becoming one of the key pillars and the model for cooperation in other fields.

The militaries of Vietnam and Cuba have maintained effective and fruitful cooperation in many areas such as delegation exchanges, military medicine, and defence industry, he said.

Lauding the results of the talks, General Giang affirmed that leaders of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence always give optimal conditions for and direct relevant agencies to focus on the effective and substantial implementation of contents agreed by the two sides.

The same day, the Cuban guest was received by General Luong Cuong, Politburo member, member of the Standing Board of the Central Military Commission, and Director of the General Department of Politics under the VPA.

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