Vietnam’s Thai Binh presents possible business deals in Cuba

The Vietnamese company Thai Binh presented to some 130 representatives of Cuba's State and private business sector some business opportunities in areas like energy, agriculture, iron and steel, electronics, recycling, electromotive, biotechnology and aviation.

In his opening words, the president of Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba (CCC), Antonio Carricarte, stressed that Vietnam is Cuba’s second trading partner in Asia and the first investor in Cuba.

He recalled that Thai Binh has a major participation in the growth of commercial relations between the two countries, which date back for about 25 years.

The meeting dealt about the dynamics between the Vietnamese public and private spheres at a time when this emerging sector is expanding in Cuba with more than 9,000 participants among micro, small, medium sized enterprises.

It also allows transferring Thai Binh’s experience in its development from an expanding family business, and thus confirms the expansion of the private sector in Vietnam and the role in the exponential development achieved by that sister nation.

Thai Binh is a private company that is committed to Cuba and maintains its trust in the country despite the current complexities, Carricarte highlighted.

This event is an expression of that confidence and a commitment to new opportunities with the opening to MSMEs and other companies, especially in accordance with the Cuban development model to turn the country into a center of economic activity in the Latin America, the CCC president pointed out.

Carricarte highlighted Thai Binh’s vision to increase exports to Latin America and the Caribbean.

In turn, the president and general director of Thai Binh Corporation, Tran Ngoc Thuan, reiterated his confidence in Cuban partners and added that the work of his company is the basis for firm support between both nations.

With Cuba’s help, we will carry out more projects and unite more people, the Vietnamese executive pointed out.

Tran thanked Cuban authorities for their support for 25 years and reaffirmed the commitment to sustainable development and the international community, and his intention to continue to collaborate with the Cuban Government, organizations and companies.

We are proud of this meeting, an opportunity for exchange and sharing experiences for the future.

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