Vilma always in the memory of Cubans.

Monrovia, June 18, 2021 - Today, June 18, marks the 14th anniversary of the physical departure of the eternal President of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Vilma Espín Guillois, who is a symbol of the struggles in Cuba and the world for the vindication of women and who founded the FMC to promote policies and programs aimed at achieving the full exercise of women's equality in all spheres.

About Vilma, Fidel said: "Vilma's example is more necessary today than ever. She devoted her whole life to fight for women when in Cuba most of them were discriminated as human beings as in the rest of the world, with honorable revolutionary exceptions".

The satff of the Cuban Embassy in Liberia recalled the imprint and example of the clandestine fighter who was a paradigm of woman, fighter, professional and leader in the struggle for women's and human rights.


Embacuba Liberia

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