Visit to Amilcar Cabral School

Aburi, April 5, 2023.- The Amilcar Cabral School was honored with the presence of Dr. Jorge González Pérez, according to the words of Dr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. at the beginning of the visit of the Cuban deputy, who was accompanied by the Cuban ambassador to Ghana, Anette Chao García.


After the tour guided by two students, South African and Ghanaian, through the entire facility riddled with phrases of great revolutionaries and rooms with names like Fidel Castro, Celia Sanchez, Ernesto Che Guevara and Vilma Espin, Dr. Gonzalez met with students of the course being taught and informed them about the current situation on the island, as well as the effects of the blockade imposed by the United States of America. He also commented on his experiences as a forensic doctor in different regions of the world.


For their part, the students were grateful for the opportunity and asked several questions related to Dr. Cabral's specialty.


The Amilcar Cabral School is dedicated to the preparation of progressive cadres from different latitudes for a better world. Its fundamental precepts are adherence to progressive principles and respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.

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