Vitrofural chemical product received award in Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba, Jan 4 (Prensa Latina) The Vitrofural, a chemical sterilizer produced at the Center of Chemical Bioactives (CBQ, in Spanish) received the Award for Technological Innovation, the institution's authorities, in this central city of Cuba, reported on Tuesday.

This prize is granted by Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and was awarded this time to this product, unique of its kind in the world for the mass benefit of vitroplants.

Vitrofural also replaces the conventional sterilization process, Dr. Zenaida Rodriguez, main author, head of CBQ, an institution attached to the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas, told the press on this day.

She said that more than a score of Latin American laboratories have corroborated the effectiveness of the resource, also used in banana, cytrus fruit, potato, pineapple and papaya vitroplants, among other varieties.

With a broad spectrum in its intervention in plant health, Vitrofural is used in the process of biofactories, as well as in the seed production and marketing company of the Ministry of Agriculture.

It is also used in the country’s biotechnological centers, and it is an exportable item with remarkable results, to such an extent that a single kilogram of Vitrofural provides sufficient means to obtain one million specimens.

Dr. Rodriguez emphasized that the sterilization effect to reduce microbial contamination in sugar cane shoots stands out among the multiple applications that have demonstrated its effectiveness,.

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