Voices of support for the Cuban poet Nancy Morejón grow.

Nigeria, June 9th, 2023. Pavel Bauzá Fusté, Chargé d'Affaires a. i. of the embassy of Cuba in Nigeria, held a cordial meeting with Mrs. Hajara Njidda, director of the Department of Bilateral Services of the Council of Arts and Culture of Nigeria.

An issue that caught the interest of the Nigerian intellectual was the recent action in Paris against the Cuban poet Nancy Morejón, in which a group of inappropriate conservative voices, sympathetic to the interests of counterrevolutionary groups, decided to withdraw the Cuban poet's presidency of this edition of the Paris Poetry Market, under the pretext of being Cuban, loving his country and being identified with the Cuban revolutionary process, actions that are part of a smear campaign to try to hinder Cuba's development and well-being from his town.

Nancy Morejón is a true poet, one of the great female voices of Latin American poetry. A Black woman, she has spent years committed to the fight for peace, against racism and social, racial, gender inequalities and for the freedom of peoples." However, due to political issues typical of inappropriate conservative voices, she was banned from presidency to Nancy Morejón, National Literature Award.

Both officials agreed that hindering the growth of Cuban culture will indisputably also have an impact on the diversification and knowledge of African culture, since both have deep historical and cultural ties that have had an impact on the formation of the national identity.

During the meeting they also reviewed issues of the Bilateral Agenda, essentially regarding the organization this year of the XIII Exhibition of Arts and Culture, an event in which Cuba, through its diplomatic mission in Abuja, participates every year.

The Cuban diplomat thanked the visit, in which the continuity of the deepening of the exchange in the branch of culture was reaffirmed, at the same time that, it can be guaranteed, support for Cuban culture is growing from Nigeria and in particular the recognition of our poet Nancy Morejón.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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