!We Have Memory! Cuba does not forget the long history of terrorism against its people

The Hague, October 6, 2020. The members of the Cuban Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, united with its people, commemorate the Day of the Victims of State Terrorism in the Republic of Cuba, as a tribute to the martyrs of the Crime of Barbados.

Every October 6th, is immortalized  the memory of the terrorist attack perpetrated in 1976 when the CU-455 aircraft of Cubana de Aviación was blown up in mid-flight, where the 73 persons on board, including the members of the Island's youth fencing team, died. That brutal act of terrorism was conceived and executed by agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in accordance with the many pieces of evidence made known over the years.

 The notorious and confessed terrorist of the Western Hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles, one of the main intellectual authors of the brutal act aforementioned, enjoyed impunity throughout his life, in the territory of the United States, thanks to the complicity of the government of that country, which confirms his double standards in his anti-terrorist rhetoric throughout history.  

The machine-gunning perpetrated against the venue of the Cuban Embassy in the US on April 30th, where more than 30 bullet impacts were discharged against the Cuban headquarters with an assault rifle and with the intention of killing, has not, up to now, been recognized as a terrorist attack, by the government of that country.

We demand that the terrorist and criminal nature of this execrable act be recognized and publicly denounced and that the US government share with the Cuban authorities all the information about this attack, and that measures be taken to prevent the repetition of attacks such as these, the opposite of this amounts to complicit and suspicious silence and tolerance of terrorism. Cuba has the moral authority to label as spurious the unilateral and illegal lists of the US State Department, which include countries for allegedly not cooperating with the anti-terrorist efforts of that government, while tolerating in its territory the commission of terrorist acts. There is concrete evidence of Cuba's bilateral collaboration with the United States in the fight against terrorism and in joint law enforcement efforts.

Cuba, a country that has suffered terrorist attacks for more than 60 years, condemns all terrorist acts in all its forms and manifestations, by whomever and wherever they are committed, including those in which States are directly or indirectly involved.

Today, the Cuban Mission does not forget the 3478 Cubans who have lost their lives as victims of these acts and another 2099 that are suffering or have suffered some kind of disability. Glory to all the martyrs of the Homeland!



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