Welsh Parliament Member has tabled a statement of solidarity with Cuba

Welsh Parliament Member has tabled a statement of solidarity with Cuba

London, 9 November 2022- Plaid Cymru Member of the Welsh Parliament (known as the Senedd) Luke Fletcher has tabled a statement of opinion expressing solidarity with the people of Cuba and urging the Welsh government to develop ties with the Caribbean island in areas of mutual interest. 

The statement, officially tabled on 4 November a day after the UN vote on the Cuban resolution against the blockade, has so far been signed by 10 of the 60 members of the Welsh Parliament.

Members of the Welsh government, trade unions and solidarity campaign in Wales have traditionally maintained friendly and supportive relations with Cuba. In 2002, the Welsh Minister for Education, Jane Davidson, visited Cuba and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with her Cuban counterpart to develop collaboration in that sector. In 2007, the then Vice-Chair of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, Jaime Crombet, headed a delegation that, as part of his official programme in the UK, visited Wales to meet with Members of Parliament. At the end of September this year, Cuban Ambassador Bárbara Montalvo paid a visit to the Welsh city of Cardiff, which included positive and fruitful meetings with  First Minister Mark Drakeford and Ministers of Education and Health, Jeremy Miles and Eluned Morgan, respectively.

The full text of the statement submitted on 4 November can be seen below:

This Senedd:

1. Expresses its solidarity with the people of Cuba.

2. Notes that 185 countries voted against the US blockade of Cuba at the UN, with only the USA and Israel supporting its continuation.

3. Further notes that this inhumane policy has been in place for more than 60 years causing severe shortages of food, medicines and fuel.

4. Recognises that despite the blockade, Cuba has made real achievements in health and education policy with the results widely applauded by UNESCO and WHO.

5. Believes that the Welsh Government should develop links with Cuba in areas of mutual interest.

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