by yasser musa

On 31st October, 2018, the world will again make a statement at the United Nations.

1. The Belizean government both UDP and PUP has been clear and firm in their full condemnation at the United Nations of the unfair, inhumane and unjust BLOCKADE against the people and government of Cuba by the United States of America.

2. From as early as 1961, non-other than the great revolutionary Che Guevara, at an economic and social summit in Punta del Este, declared full support for Belize’s right to Independence. This was three years before Belize even attained self-government.

3. When Belize was in the middle of the international process in the 1970s for the right to self-determination, it was Cuba and its great leader Fidel Castro that demonstrated unequivocal support for our Independence. They lobbied the rest of Latin America along with our dear friend the Panamanian President Omar Torrijos.

4. In my reflections, I recognize how a nation like Cuba under the pressure of a six-decade economic BLOCKADE can still show incredible and meaningful acts of solidarity toward us. I know many of my former students who have benefited from scholarship opportunities at various Cuban Universities.

5. In my interactions with the Table Tennis Association of Belize I am witness to the Cuban coaches and their dedication to our Belizean youth.

6. As a father, I acknowledge with pride and gratitude what the Cubans have done for Volleyball in Belize. It was Cuban coaches who were an integral part of Team Belize that won the hearts and minds of our nation at the recent Central American Volleyball Championships.

7. As an artist, I have been a collaborator for almost two decades with Cuban artists and institutions to forward a new vision for our creative energies in music, in dance, in literature and in the visual arts.

8. As a teacher, I recognize the beacon that is Cuba and its revolution especially to the micro nations, like us, of this earth. In the face of great adversity, we continue to struggle to determine who we are and it is our responsibility to teach solidarity and social justice to our students.

9. The people and government of Cuba have been steadfast partners in our healthcare system across our land.

I ask for the support of my Belizean brothers and sisters for us to make a simple, but significant stand and show solidarity at this critical time for Cuba. 

For us to say loud and clear unBLOCK CUBA. 

Print the flyer and post to social media your SOLIDARITY with our brothers and sisters from across the Caribbean Sea.