Windhoek's main avenue march celebrates victory against UN blockade.

Windhoek's main avenue march celebrates victory against UN blockade.

Namibia, November 9th, 2019- A hundred Cubans, Namibians, Venezuelans and people of other nationalities celebrated Cuba's overwhelming and most recent victory against the US blockade at the UN with a march down Independence Avenue, the main artery of Windhoek, Namibian capital.

The march, organized jointly by the Cuban embassy, ​​the Namibia-Cuba Friendship Association and the Association "Patria" of Cuban Residents, called for the unconditional lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against Cuba.

Also, those present celebrated the recent release of Brazilian ex-president Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva, who was unjustly imprisoned.

With slogans below the blockade and long live to Cuba, Namibia, the Revolution, Fidel and the friendship between the two peoples, the participants showed their support for the Caribbean island in this important battle.

The National Anthem of Cuba was sung by those present at the intersection of the aforementioned Independence Avenue and Fidel Castro Street, being one of the most emotional moments of the event.

The march helped to give more visibility to the unfair US policy against Cuba in Namibian society. Likewise, several national press media collected the details of the demonstration.

To conclude, the participants as an initiative expressed their solidarity messages in favor of Cuba in one of the winning posters of the contest against the blockade organized in Havana in 2017.

The US Blockade against Cuba was imposed in 1962 and so far has caused economic damages worth more than 138 billion dollars. It is the main obstacle to the development of Cuba and the greatest violation of the human rights of the Cuban people. A Cuban resolution against that genocidal policy has been presented and approved at the United Nations for 28 consecutive years. On November 7th, 187 States voted in favor of that document, three did so against it and two abstained.

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