Women in power

Abuja, March 6, 2024.- Dr. Mary Alile, National Women's Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Miriam Morales Palmero, held a fruitful meeting at the headquarters of the APC.

Among the topics discussed were the steps to follow to chart a transformative course towards empowerment and gender equality. In a context of diplomatic camaraderie and shared commitment to socioeconomic progress, the stage was set for a dynamic exchange of ideas and aspirations, transcending the borders between both countries in the collective spirit of resilience and determination.

Ambassador Palmero, as a diplomat and fervently dedicated to promoting women's rights, began the dialogue by invoking the indelible legacy of women's leadership in Cuba. With reverence and admiration, she recounted the heroic contributions of Cuban women during the Cuban Revolution, underscoring their fundamental role in shaping the nation's destiny. Drawing parallels with Nigeria's socio-political landscape, Ambassador Palmero articulated a compelling vision of inclusive governance and gender parity, epitomized in Cuba's leadership structure, where women occupy key positions of authority.

Dr Mary Alile extolled the party's unwavering commitment to gender inclusion and women's representation. She proudly highlighted the significant presence of women within APC's broad membership base who make up more than 60% of its membership.

In a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, the Cuban Ambassador extended a kind invitation to Dr. Alile to join the APC delegation on an upcoming state visit to Cuba, conceived as a platform to foster bilateral cooperation and exchange. Seizing this opportunity with enthusiasm and optimism, Dr. Alile pledged to build on this historic partnership to advance the cause of women's rights and empowerment, forging a path to a future where women are architects of progress and champions. change.

Ana Flavia Gómez Pavot, third secretary of the Cuban Embassy, was also present.


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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