XV National Meeting of Cuban Residents in Canada.

On October 29 afternoon, the XV National Meeting of Cuban Residents in Canada was held virtually. The event was also attended by supportive friends of Cuba, who constantly support the associations of Cubans living in Canada and contribute to the defense of the principles of the Revolution.


During the meeting, a detailed analysis was made of the main contributions of the associations of Cubans and members of solidarity during 2022. They mainly emphasized the sending of donations to Cuba, as well as the contributions to Cuban educational centers and the constant participation in the Bridges of Love caravans.


Following cubans spoke as representatives of the associations: Yuri Pedraza, Rolando Hernández, Julio Fonseca and Teresita Keosseuian. They referred to the main actions developed mainly in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Members of the diplomatic mission in Ottawa and of the Consulates General also participated.


The occasion was propitious to condemn the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba. They also took the opportunity to promote the participation of young people in activities organized by associations of Cubans and members of solidarity with Cuba.


In addition, short videos were shown with greetings and support sent by the Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Héctor Igarza, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ana Teresita González, the Deputy Director General of the General Directorate of Consular Affairs and Cubans Residing Abroad, Laura Pujol, and the National Coordinator of the CDRs, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo. The participants expressed their deep gratitude for the expressions of affection and consideration received from Cuba.


The space allowed the discussion among our fellow countrymen about issues related to migration processes, investments in Cuba, import and export of products, as well as to elaborate proposals for development in certain areas of interest.


At the end of the meeting, the Final Declaration of the associations of Cubans living in Canada was shared and ratified. In this declaration, a call was made to strengthen the struggle for national sovereignty and the lifting of the US Blockade against Cuba. At the same time, it expressed the willingness of our compatriots to continue contributing to their homeland.


To the rhythm of “Habana de Primera” and its iconic song "Me dicen Cuba", the National Meeting of Cubans Residing in Canada concluded.





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