Young Cuban representing values is delegate to the 12th Congress of the UJC

Havana, 2 April 2024. Maikel Véliz Aparicio, a young collaborator of the Educational Brigade working in Jamaica, is part of the Cienfuegos delegation that will participate from today until April 4 in the XII Congress of the Young Communist Union (UJC).

Maikel, a young teacher who imparts Spanish classes at the Secondary School in the city of Port Antonio, Jamaica, was elected as a delegate to this great event of Cuban youth in representation of the collaborators who, like him, work in different parts of the world bringing the light of education to thousands of children. This Congress, which brings together 400 delegates and more than a hundred guests, will be an excellent opportunity to exchange and share experiences of their daily work, reflect on the challenges facing communist youth and ratify their support for the Revolution.

The collective of the Cuban State Mission in Jamaica wishes you success.

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