Youth and Sports, two potentials for Cuba and Grenada Cooperation.

St. George, February 19. At the headquarters of the Ministerial Complex of Grenada, the Honorable Senator Gayton Jonathan LaCrette, Minister of Youth and Sports, received the Ambassador of Cuba Ivette Martínez Leyva. In a friendly meeting, the Cuban representative reiterated the desire to promote the exchange of delegations, trainers, experts and specialists in Physical Education and its applied Sciences. She also presented the proposal for a framework agreement that includes all viable areas to establish technical cooperation in Sports between both countries.
Minister LaCrette thanked the Ambassador for her visit and presentation of the main areas of cooperation within the sphere of sports and insisted on the need for Grenada to have high-performance coaches in disciplines in which they have not been able to develop talent. Cuba's experience in anti-doping control and sports administration were other topics presented that captivated the interest of the Grenada side.
The diplomat also referred to the work with adolescents and young people on the Island, the work of the Youth Study Center, which allows the identification of critical issues among young people and strategies for linking them to community work. She commented on the role of young people in culture and the work of the AHS with the young creator, as well as the functioning of the UJC as a political organization and guide in professional training, socialization of values and social insertion of young people.

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