Zimbabwe condemns the new aggressive escalation of the US against Cuba.

Sponsored by the Friendship Association Zimbabwe-Cuba took place on Friday afternoon, a panel under the theme "Solidarity with Cuba: Condemning the US Blockade against Cuba". At the act of solidarity, based at the Diplomacy Institute of Zimbabwe , attended by representatives of graduates in Cuba, members of the leadership and of the ZANU PF Youth League, students from the Diplomacy Institute, Cuban residents and friends of Cuba.

The panel was attended by the Professor of RRII of the University of Zimbabwe, Dr. Ashton Murwira, the Director of the Ideological School of ZANU PF, retired Brigadier Ezekiel Zabanyana, the Director of the Institute of Diplomacy of Zimbabwe, Mr. Vova. A. Chikanda, the patron of ZICUFA and member of Parliament Chen Chimutengwende and Ambassador Carmelina, who presided over the event. The speakers condemned the new aggressive escalation of the US against Cuba and recognized the unilateral nature of US policy, reiterating that the blockade against Cuba constitutes a visible violation of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and International Law. "Zimbabwe is with Cuba, and will continue to support this sister nation that has helped Africa so much," said the Director of the ZANU PF School, Ezekiel Zabanyana.

The public present also made valuable interventions giving testimony of their experiences under the unjust blockade and reaffirming that once again the Revolution will triumph, that the failure of the aggressive US policy against Cuba will be evident once again.

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