Zimbabwe highlights Cuba's contribution in the health sector

Harare, 14.06.23. The Chargé d´Affaires a.i. of Cuba in Zimbabwe, Yoisy Ford García, was received by the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Honorable Dr. J. C. Mangwiro, at the headquarters of the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health. The head of the Cuban Medical Brigade, Dr. Bárbara M. Reina Vargas, was also present.

During the exchange, Mangwiro highlighted the performance of Cuban doctors in the Austral nation. “Cuba is a privileged country, it has trained highly trained health personnel, Cuban medicine enjoys prestige and international recognition. Zimbabwe will always be grateful for the valuable support of the Cuban brothers,” he said.

The Zimbabwean Deputy Minister also rejected the unfair US blockade against the island and the sanctions imposed by the West on his country. The Cuban diplomat thanked the Zimbabwean government for recognizing the contribution of the Greater Antilles. She conveyed the will to continue strengthening cooperation in the sector.

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