Zimbabwe's Minister of Health and Child Care receives Cuba's chargé d'affaires.

Harare, May 15, 2024- The Minister of Health and Child Care of Zimbabwe, Douglas Mombeshora received the Chargé d'affaires of the Republic of Cuba, Yenielys Vilma Regueiferos Linares to discuss issues of bilateral interest. Dr. María Eugenia García Céspedes, head of the Cuban Medical Brigade in the country, participated in the meeting.

The Zimbabwean Health Minister recognized the historic presence of Cuban doctors and specialists in the sector for 37 years and thanked the work of the current Brigade, the 14th since Presidents Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe agreed to implement the PIS in the brotherly African country. .

For his part, Regueiferos recognized the intense work of the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health in the battle against cholera, vaccination against polio and open heart surgery.

Both parties reflected on the damage of the unjust unilateral sanctions imposed on their countries that directly affect the health sector.

Currently 16 Cuban Specialists provide their services in Zimbabwe.

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