Cooperation potentialities between Cuba and the state of Michigan

Image: Members of the Detroit Caucus and Michigan Black Caucus of the state Congress join diplomat Yanet Pumariega (center).

From June 3rd to 6th, 2019 Third Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba in Washington D.C., Yanet Pumariega Pérez visited the State of Michigan. The purpose of her visit and meetings were to discuss the potentialities of improving relations with the state of Michigan and to find mutually beneficial opportunities of cooperation in areas such as health, education, agriculture and trade.

Cuba is not frightened by the measures tightening the blockade

Declaration of the Revolutionary Government

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns in the strongest terms the measures announced by the United States Government on 4 June 2019, further tightening the economic blockade imposed on Cuba for over 60 years, at a cost for the Cuban economy which amounted to over 134 billion dollars in 2018 at current prices, and to the figure of 933 billion dollars, taking into account the devaluation of the US dollar vis-à-vis the price of gold in the world market.

Detroit Caucus Hosts Cuban Delegation in Detroit

Legislators discuss building relations with Cuba in trade, education and arts

DETROIT — The Detroit Caucus welcomed the Cuban Delegation in Lansing yesterday to discuss building cooperative relations with Cuba in trade, education, health care, agriculture and the arts. State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit), chair of the Detroit Caucus, led the group in welcoming Cuban Diplomat Yanet Pumariega Perez.

No Cuban troops in Venezuela, Cuban diplomat tells AP

AP: FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2018, file photo, Cuba's Director-General of U.S. Affairs Carlos Fernandez de Cossio makes a statement to reporters, in Havana, Cuba. De Cossio says his nation has no troops in Venezuela but it maintains the right to military and intelligence cooperation with its ally. (AP Photo/Desmond Boylan, File)


AP- Cuba has no troops in Venezuela and engages in no security operations there but maintains the right to military and intelligence cooperation with its ally, a top Cuban diplomat said Wednesday.

Carlos Fernández de Cossío, Cuba’s director-general of U.S. affairs, told The Associated Press in Washington that the U.S. is falsely accusing his country of having more than 20,000 troops and intelligence agents in Venezuela.

De Cossío said there are roughly 20,000 Cubans in Venezuela but virtually all are medical workers.

Cuban Americans for Engagement publishes an open letter to reject the latest sanctions of the Trump Administration against Cuba

Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE), through its Facebook and Twitter social network accounts, published an open letter this Monday, addressed to the Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo, and other officials of the Department of State, in which it expresses deep concern regarding the new measures imposed by the Trump Administration against Cuba, announced on April 17.