Remarks to the Cuban Civil Society excluded from the Summit of the Americas

Comrades all;

Allow me to begin with words that were told more than one century ago:

When a strong nation wants to fight a battle with another, it demands allegiance and service from those nations dependent upon it. The first thing a nation does to dominate another is to separate it from other nations.”

This was written by Jose Marti 130 years ago after attending the Monetary Conference, a feast purposely designed by a burgeoning United States for the young republics of Our America.

Travel-remittance regulations to Cuba do not change essence of blockade

Havana, June 8

Thursday's publication of the new regulations on US travel and remittances to Cuba do not constitute a significant change in the essence of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Caribbean nation.

In May, US President Joseph Biden announced the lifting of several restrictions concerning the island, which was part of his electoral campaign promises; however, this does not mean that the most aggressive aspects of the more than 200 measures imposed by Republican Donald Trump during his term in office loss validity.

Exports of vaccines and the reactivation of tourism are driving economic recovery

Articulating the work of all the country’s economic actors, with different forms of management and ownership, and development of their potential, were the central objectives of the Second Economic-Productive Conference Cuba-2022, held June 7-14 in Havana.

The Second Economic-Productive Conference focused onboosting the Cuban economy, calling on all economic actorsto “Integrate, transform and grow.” Photo: ACN

Donation for Cuban children awaiting transplant announced in the US

Washington, Jun 6

Solidarity in the United States and the world made it possible to raise 25,000 dollars to buy an essential solution that will be used for Cuban children waiting for a transplant, activist Carlos Lazo announced on Monday.

The US government’s blockade policy has prevented Cuba from purchasing Custodiol, which is used to sustain the viability of the organ to be transplanted, the Bridges of Love coordinator told Prensa Latina.

“Summit of the Americas: Imperialist domination and exclusion”. Statement by the Revolutionary Government

Havana, June 6th, 2022.- The US Government, abusing its privilege of being the host country, decided at a very early stage to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the 9th Summit of the Americas to be held in the city of Los Angeles this month of June.  It has refused to attend to the just claims of many governments to change that discriminatory and unacceptable stand.