Nachito Herrera: in the midst of sadness, Cuba is not alone

The prominent Cuban musician Ignacio "Nachito" Herrera traveled to the island from Minnesota, United States, where he has lived for more than 20 years, to open the 2022 edition of the Cubadisco Fair, however, his first words to the press are not about music :

"I must honestly say that, although you know that I live quite far away, in a very cold state, in Minnesota, we have been able to follow all the news, we are happy to return home, but also saddened by what has happened with the Hotel Saratoga ".

Cuban FM grateful for solidarity after event at Saratoga Hotel

Havana, May 7

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed gratitude on Saturday for the solidarity with his country by governments, organizations and friends, after the tragic accident at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana.

The foreign minister tweeted that messages of support for the Cuban people and the families of the victims at this time of affliction have arrived from several parts of the world.

Cuba has received multiple messages of support and condolences from Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, China, Syria and Argentina, just to mention a few.