Friendly baseball match in the Netherlands

Breda, September 16, 2023: A friendly match between baseball players of the Jeka Club and Cuban residents took place in this important city in the south of the Netherlands.  The attendees visited the facilities of the aforementioned sports club founded more than 60 years ago and celebrated a friendly game showing a point that unites both peoples: the passion for baseball.

The members of the Jeka Club are natives of the Dutch Caribbean and expressed their admiration for Cuba's "pelota". 

Visit of Students and Professors of the Leiden University Medical Center

The Hague, September 14, 2023. Students and professors from the Leiden University Medical Center visited the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in the Netherlands.

During the visit they received a conference on the Cuban Health System, which serves as a reference for the subsequent academic exchange program that they will develop in Cuba with the National School of Public Health of Cuba. The month-long Program includes visits to Cuban doctors' offices, polyclinics and health centers.

Exhibition of Cuban artists in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam, September 8, 2023. Exhibition "The Cuban Connection" of Cuban artists at the Atelier Herenplaats, in the city of Rotterdam.
Representatives of the Cuban Embassy in the Netherlands visited the gallery where plastic works of Cuban creators, exponents of Art Brut, of great talent and artistic sensitivity, were exhibited.
These artists create in response to a strong intrinsic motivation and often work with unconventional materials and techniques.
The exchange served to promote the work of these Cuban artists.