Cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Cuba grows

The Hague, January 24, 2024. From the city of Nuenen, place where Vincent Van Gogh painted approximately a quarter of all his work, the cultural promoters Kees and Ingrid Rovers arrived at the Cuban embassy, to exchange with representatives of this diplomatic mission about new cultural exchange initiatives.

The exchange included the debate on current Cuban art, the legacy of Vincent Van Gogh to the world and the possibilities of cooperation in cultural matters between the Netherlands and Cuba.

Cuba was present at the Tourism fair in the south of the Netherlands

Nederweert-Eind, January 20, 2024. The Cuba Adelante Foundation participated in the Tourism Fair organized from January 20 to 21, 2024, in the south of the Netherlands, providing information about Cuba and the different tourist destinations on the Caribbean island.

The Embassy of Cuba accompanied them on Saturday and exchanged with several of the visitors interested in cultural spaces, nature tourism and interaction with the Cuban population.

Cuban Ambassador delivered a lecture at the University of Maastricht

Maastricht, January 19, 2024. The Cuban ambassador to the Netherlands, Anet Pino Rivero, visited the University College of Maastricht and delivered a lecture on the enjoyment of Human Rights in Cuba. She was received by the Dean of the school and the president of the Student Association, who explained her about the Institution.

Young communists from the Netherlands celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Amsterdam, January 18, 2024. The Communist Youth Movement and the New Communist Party of the Netherlands dedicated their monthly film evening at the Party's regional headquarters in Amsterdam to the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The presentation of a documentary opened the space to examine how proletarian revolutions around the world took the Cuban Revolution and its achievements as a guide and example.

Ernesto Montenegro and its quintet visited the Embassy of Cuba

The Hague, January 17, 2024. The quintet directed by Ernesto Montenegro, composed of musicians from different cultures, based in the Netherlands, visited the premise of the Cuban Embassy, ​​prior to its participation in the International Festival “Jazz Plaza 2024”.

The group, composed by of talented young people from Spain, Portugal and Denmark, who studied or graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory, will perform its music at several of the venues of the Jazz Festival in Havana, such as the National Museum of Fine Arts National Museum and the Cuban Art Factory.