Cuban citizenship granted to a daughter of a Cuban living in Norway

Oslo, February 27, 2024. With great satisfaction, Daffne Ernesto Mirabal García, second secretary in charge of Consular Affairs, delivered the document granting the Cuban citizenship to Isabel Sagdalen Pérez, a young girl who was born in Norway.

Marlén Pérez González, a Cuban residing in this country for year and who is Isabel's mother, lived with her daughter such an important moment. (Embacuba Norway)

Norwegian students from the University of Stavanger make a training stay in the University of Havana

Oslo, February 27, 2024. Since the beginning of January, a group of five students from the Department of Social Studies of the University of Stavanger joined the Department of Sociology of the University of Havana for a six-month training stay.

As part of the academic activities, in recent days the Norwegian students held a meeting with Cuban students of Sociology in which they discussed about the work of social workers in Norway.

Second International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Left Parties and Movements meets in Havana with the presence of the Editor-in-Chief of the Norwegian newspaper FRIHETEN

Oslo, February 14, 2024. With a call for unity, the fight for peace and the people's solidarity against imperialist aggression, the 2nd International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Left Parties and Movements is taking place in Havana.

The event brings together 100 intellectuals, personalities, thinkers and academics from 37 countries, together with their Cuban colleagues, to debate the current challenges faced by progressive forces and agree on common strategies of action against the resurgence of fascism and the violent capitalist onslaught.