Cuban residents and friends of solidarity in the May Day parade in Stockholm, demanded the end to the blockade against Cuba.

Stockholm, Sweden, May Day, 2022- Friends of solidarity in Sweden and Cubans residing in the Nordic country, paraded this May Day through the central streets of Stockholm to commemorate International Workers' Day and condemn the US Blockade to the people of Cuba.

The participants carried colorful posters allegorical to the date, as well as other large ones that demanded the end of the blockade on the Island. Several generations met and acclaimed for a more just and peaceful world.

Celebration for the anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón in Stockholm

With a cultural political activity that brought together friends from the different solidarity organizations with Cuba, representatives of the Swedish Communist Party, Cubans residing in the Nordic country and the Solidarity Network with Latin America, it was held at the Embassy of Cuba in Sweden the anniversary of the victory of Playa Girón.

Meeting with the General Secretary of the Solidarity Network with Latin America (RESOCAL) in Sweden.

A friendly meeting took place at the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in Sweden, with the Secretary-General of the Network of Solidarity with Latin America (RESOCAL) in the scandinavian country.
During the visit, Eduardo Vilches, main director of RESOCAL, discussed with the Cuban Ambassador,  Alba Soto, and the Third Secretary, Yohanna Cordero Llanuch, the work carried out by the organization and its plans.
On the Cuban side, gratitude was conveyed for RESOCAL's actions in favor of Cuba´s struggle against the US blockade, in the media sector and on others .

Solidarity in Stockholm against the genocidal blockade of the US against Cuba

On Saturday, April 2, Latin Americans, Swedes and Cuban residents joined their steps through the streets of Stockholm to show their support for the Cuban Revolution and demand the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States of America on the people of Cuba, for more than 6 decades.
The participants showed their solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and all the progressive peoples of Latin America that rise up against imperialism, carrying large banners that reflected their support for these countries.

Authorities of the Stockholm Environment Institute exchange with the Ambassador of Cuba in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden - February 24, 2022-. As part of the exchanges aimed at strengthening bilateral relations of mutual interest, the Cuban Ambassador to Sweden, Alba Soto, held a working meeting with authorities from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Ms. Marie Jürisoo, Director of Operations, Dr. Karina Barquet, Principal Investigator, and Dr. Sarah Dickin, Leader of the sanitation and health team of the aforementioned institution, were present.