Cuba calls for peace in the Middle East- Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Havana, April 14, 2024- Cuba warns of the dangers posed by the impunity with which Israel, with the complicity and support of the United States government, has acted against countries in the Middle East. The illegal attack on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus, in flagrant violation of international law and the 1961 Vienna Convention, has endangered international peace and security, leading to a possible regionalization of the conflict with unpredictable consequences for world peace.

Five years have passed since the vile and absurd kidnapping of Assel and Landy - Statement if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Havana, April 13, 2024-  Five years have passed since the kidnapping in Kenya, on April 12, 2019, of Doctors Assel Herrera Correa and Landy Rodríguez Hernández, Cuban physicians who were serving in that country as part of an intergovernmental cooperation agreement in which they were voluntarily participating.

Since the news of the vile and absurd kidnapping was known, the governments of Kenya, Somalia and Cuba have made countless and enormous efforts to achieve the rescue of our two doctors and their return to their homeland.

Cuba: Pillar of Peace and Solidarity in the Region

Stockholm, April 6, 2024. The Second Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba in Stockholm, Yohanna Cordero Llanuch, engaged in a virtual exchange with supportive friends discussing Cuba's role in maintaining peace in the region.

The meeting, sponsored by the Latin American-European Link project, comprised European Ecuadorian residents and was streamed live on the group's YouTube and Facebook channels.

"Cuba ensures food import despite U.S. blockade"

Havana, April 4th. - The Cuban Government ensures the importation of essential food items, despite the restrictions imposed by the United States, stated today Oscar Pérez-Oliva, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex).

Speaking on the audiovisual program "Desde La Presidencia," hosted by President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Pérez-Oliva detailed that the island's basic basket of goods heavily relies on imported products, and this process still feels the effects of post-pandemic Covid-19 recovery.

First Vice President of the Uppsala Communal Council receives the Cuban Ambassador

Stockholm, April 2, 2024 - At the headquarters of the Communal Council of the City of Uppsala, First Vice President Carl Lindberg received the Ambassador of Cuba.

The traditional ties of friendship that have united Cuba with that city, as a result of university exchanges and with regional authorities, were part of the exchange.