Socialist Forum of Ghana makes Workshop on Fidel

In the Freedom Centre of Accra was held a Workshop dedicated to the life and work of Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution. The Workshop was part of the commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of Fidel that was organized by the Socialist Forum of Ghana in coordination with the Embassy of Cuba.

90th Anniversary of Fidel Castro celebrating in Ghana

A political-cultural activity in honor of the 90th birthday of Cuban leader Fidel Castro was held at the residence of the Cuban Ambassador, with the participation of government officials, members of the solidarity campaign with Cuba, political leaders, former Ghanaian Ambassadors on the Island, a broad representation of Ghanaians graduates in Cuba, Cuban residents in the country and the staff of the Embassy.

Sport event in Ghana in honor of the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro

A cordial baseball game was held in Accra as part of activities to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Commander in Chief and leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

The field located in areas of Labone Senior High School, witnessed the match between a group of young Ghanaians practitioners of the sport and the graduates in Cuba, known as "cubanitos". Members of the Cuban Embassy, members of the Japan Embassy and a representation of the Cubans that live in Ghana were also present.

The Minister of Health of Ghana chairs the commemoration for 63th Anniversary of the Moncada Barrack Assault

With the presence of the Minister of Health of Ghana, Dr. Alex Segbefia, was commemorated the 63rd Anniversary of the 26 of July actions. The Minister of Health, the former Ambassador of Ghana to Cuba, Mr. Amoo Gottfreid, and the President of theCuban Trained Ghanaian Graduates Association (ESBECAN) took part in the Political-Cultural Activity held at the Cuban Embassy. Their interventions addressed different angles of the historical ties between our two countries and peoples.