Cuba denies US accusations of human trafficking.

By The Mast on July 5, 2021. CUBA says the US government is on a malicious campaign, accusing the South American nation of human trafficking. The Cuban foreign ministry adds that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken submitted his department’s report which deliberately makes false accusations of human trafficking on Cuba. The report, titled 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report, is deemed by the Cuban government as a vehicle purely for false accusations and political blackmail.

Washington’s accusation in its report that Cuba engages in people trafficking is a lie.

Cubaminrex, 4 July 2021. On July 1, 2021, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken submitted his department’s ‘2020 Trafficking in Persons Report’, a document which, in common with others of the kind published by the Department, entirely lacks international or moral authority; it is a vehicle purely for false accusations and political blackmail.

World Pays tribute to Pan-Africanist KK in Lusaka on 2nd July 2021.

Lusaka Times, July 2, 2021. African and foreign dignitaries and notable figures have paid glowing and moving tributes to Zambia’s founding father and First President Kenneth Kaunda during a state funeral attended by over 4,000 people at the Show grounds in the capital city, Lusaka. Accolades and tributes resonated in the main arena of the Lusaka show grounds as generations of African and World leaders, past and present, paid their last respects to Africa’s last surviving liberation giant.

Let’s pray for KK’s soul to rest in eternal peace – M’membe.

By Socialist Party Zambia | June 17, 2021. I am helpless. I do not know what to say or how to say it. No one is too old to die. For now I can only urge you my fellow citizens to take a solemn pledge to work for unity, fraternity and peace as the best tribute we can all pay to KK’s memory. KK was a man of peace and justice. The first thing for all of us to remember now is that none of us dare engage in violence for whatever reason.

Cuba demands to be left in peace, to live without a blockade – Rodriguez

By The Mast  June 24, 2021. THE United Nations General Assembly has for the record 29th time in its history voted against the US blockade of Cuba. The economic blockade was imposed in 1960 following the successful revolution against capitalism led by Fidel Castro, and the nationalisation of properties belonging to US citizens and corporations.