Reason Is Our Shield

Dignity, resilience and unity are our greatest strengths in the face of the dishonest and mean annexationist action that serves the interests of the historical enemy of the Cuban nation in its attempt to fragment and divide us to defeat us.

After tough months of pandemic, harsh global economic crisis and a tightened and sustained blockade  –that has ostensibly affected our people-, Cuba has started to revive its social life, public places and services, schools, tourism and other sectors of the economy.

Zimbabwe ratifies its support for Cuba in the fight against the US Blockade.

Cuban Ambassador in Harare, Carmelina Ramirez, held a meeting at the Zimbabwean Foreign Ministry with Ambassador Alice Mageza, Director of Political Affairs. Counsellor Yoisy Ford was also present. Mageza ratified her country's support for Cuba in the battle against the unjust US blockade and praised the good state of bilateral relations between the two countries. Both parties expressed interest in expanding economic and commercial ties.

Cuba explores new trade ties with Zimbabwe

The Cuban Ambassador in Harare, Carmelina Ramírez Rodríguez, receives a prominent Zimbabwean businessman, Mr. Omar Anis, President of the Company, A A Omar & Company, to exchange about Cuba's business opportunities with the Zimbabwean business sector. At the meeting, the interest of both parties in exploring economic potential was ratified, to diversify commercial ties. Counselor Yoisy Ford was also present.


ZICUFA in Gweru ratifies its position against the US Blockade and praises the resistance of the Cuban people


The Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Carmelina Ramírez Rodríguez, and the Counsellor, Yoisy Ford held a meeting with the executive and members of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Association (ZICUFA) in the city of Gweru. A group of university students, lawyers, social workers and progressives participated in the event. They were interested in the history of the island and praised the resistance of the Cubans in the fight against the US blockade. The collective expressed their admiration and love for the Cuban revolution.