Referendum on the Family Code of Cuba in Mongolia

The small group of Cuba in Mongolia today exercised its constitutional right and, in accordance with the procedures established in the Electoral Law, voted in the referendum on the new Family Code, which our people will vote on the Island next Sunday, September 25.

Tribute to Fidel in Mongolia on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of his birth

Despite the inclement weather, a group of Mongolian and Cuban friends, together with the Cuban Embassy, ​​remembered Fidel on the 96th anniversary of his birth in the courtyard of the Habanos Hall in Ulan Bator.

The Habanos importer businessman and the Ambassador of Cuba, Jorge Ferrer, spoke on the ocassion.

The Mongolian businessman recalled that during the first years of the Revolution Fidel was a regular tobacco smoker and then gave up the habit to lead the battle for health against smoking.

Association of Graduates in Cuba from Mongolia sent a solidarity message to Cuba due to the fuel fire in Matanzas

“The members of the Mongolian Association of Graduates in Cuba have learned with deep sorrow of the massive fire of several oil tanks that began on the night of last August 5 at the fuel base in the port of Matanzas, which has left an unfortunate balance of numerous wounded, disappeared and considerable material losses.

We share the deep pain of the Cuban people for the loss of human lives, the missing firefighters and those injured in this fire caused by nature.

Cuba is very grateful for the several messages of solidarity and for human and material support from some friendly countries due to the massive fire in an oil depot on Matanzas province

On Friday 5th August evening in Cuba, lightning during a thunderstorm struck one of eight storage big tanks at an oil storage facility in the supertankers harbor in Cuban city of Matanzas, 100 Km east of Havana, igniting a massive fire that have injured at least 121 people, some on them in serious and critical condition, and caused one dead, 17 firefighters missing and the evacuation of hundreds of people living relatively close to the accident.