Presidents Ali and Díaz-Canel commit to strengthening bilateral ties

Georgetown,Guyana, February 22, 2022

Source: Department of Public Information (DPI)

-Cuban leader invited to visit Guyana

His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali reiterated Guyana’s support and solidarity for Cuba and spoke about strengthening cooperation in key areas, during a telephone conversation today with the Spanish-speaking Caribbean island’s President, H.E Miguel Díaz-Canel.

President Ali also acknowledged the longstanding relationship between the two countries and their 50 years of diplomatic relations.

We call for the preservation of international peace and security

  • Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

The efforts made by the United States to impose the progressive expansion of NATO towards the borders of the Russian Federation are a threat against the national security of this country and regional and international peace.

60 years since the proclamation that formalized the criminal economic blockade by the United States against Cuba

Declaration by the revolutionary government

The revolutionary government condemns the continuance for over 60 years of the economic, commercial, and financial sanctions formally imposed by the United States on 3rd February 1962. On that date, the then president, John F. Kennedy, issued Proclamation 3447, “Embargo on All Trade with Cuba” under Section 620(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. He thereby conferred official status on the unilateral economic hostilities already in effect against Cuba since our country’s revolutionary victory.