Fidel is Cuba, Cuba is Fidel

The Commander, the Chief, the Horse, Caguairán, that's how we refer to those who did not conceive to be defeated while there was the possibility of fighting, who taught us to resist, but above all else, they taught us to win.

Cuba supports Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw from OAS Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

20 de Noviembre, 2021. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba supports Nicaragua's decision to denounce the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS) and to resign from this Organization.

The OAS has remained silent on many occasions when coups d'état have taken place in our region. It has also been an accomplice to attempts at isolation and military interventions and has supported economic aggressions.

The Medical Collaboration in Cuba, an example of humanism and Internationalism for the World

As part of the celebrations in Guyana that has been taking place in this country since 12th November for the starting to the new normalcy, the personnel of the Embassy of Cuba, the Coordinators of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC), and Cuban residents, held a ceremony in homage to the leader of the Revolution, Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, and the ideas emanating from his concept that "The future of Our Homeland must necessarily be made up of Men of Sciences, of Men of ideas."