Cuba in Australia

Cuba's National Assembly rejects European Parliament's Resolution against the country

Havana, Nov 16. -The International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of Cuba has strongly rejected the European Parliament's resolution on human rights in the island.

Through an official declaration, Cuban lawmakers consider the resolution unacceptable, as it distorts reality and it is contrary to the principles of respect, equality and reciprocity contained in the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation (ADPC), signed between Havana, the European Union (EU) and its member states.

"A taste of Cuba" function carried out in Sydney

Cuban residents, solidarity association members and a representation of Latin communities based in Sydney, attended last Sunday "A taste of Cuba" function carried out at the Uruguayan Club, which was dedicated to the Cuban culture and the Cuban island´s attractiveness as tourist destination in the Caribbean. On November the 10th, 4 million international visitors had visited Cuba.