Cuba in Australia

Statement by the general director for Press, Communication and Image at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba , Alejandro González Galeano

We are observing with concern the expulsions of a large number of Russian diplomats by the United States and NATO member countries. These actions have been taken without considering the results of impartial investigations of the facts, disregarding the dialogue, understanding and cooperation that should be paramount in international relations as a route towards the solution of disagreements, according to the spirit of the norms of international law and the United Nations charter.

BioCubaPharma delegation fulfills successful visit to Australia

A delegation of BioCubaFarma chaired by Dr. Mayda Mauri Pérez, Vice President of this Business Group, is visiting Australia with the aim of promoting the development of business with this country, in which Biotechnology is considered, as in Cuba, a strategic sector for the development of the nation.

Embassy of Cuba celebrates 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Canberra, March 1 - The 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution was celebrated yesterday at the Cuban Embassy in Australia, with the attendance of the Chancellor's Protocol Director Lyndall Sachs, main political parties federal parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps, friends from solidarity groups, Cuban residents and officials of the diplomatic mission.

Embassy of Cuba attends the 22nd National Multicultural Festival


On Sunday 18th February, more than a dozen of Latin American Embassies beautify with their colors, flavours and traditions the 22nd National Multicultural Festival, wich took place one more time at the Australian Capital Territory Civic Square (ACT).

The Embassy of Cuba attended the event, offering to a public coming from the most diverse geographies, a deeper approach to Cuban history, customs and cultural richness.