Cuba in Australia

From Little Words, Big Words Grow: Annotations on the Yo, Sí Puedo Experience in Brewarrina, Australia

Yes, I can

This article is a reflection on the application of the Cuban literacy methodology Yo, Sí Puedo to the Australian setting. The Yo, Sí Puedo / Yes, I Can! model developed in Cuba by the Instituto Pedagógico Latinoamericano y Caribeño, IPLAC (Institute of Pedagogy for Latin America and the Caribbean) has been successfully implemented across the Global South as a strategy of adult literacy. It is a legacy of our Latin American revolutionary roots, with its origin in the Freirean pedagogy of the oppressed.

13th Latin American Film Festival in Australia

Canberra- August 28, 2017

On the occasion of the 13th Latin American Film Festival in Australia, a selection of 13 films will be presented, including the Cuban film La Bella del Alhambra, which was presented by the First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy Jorge Enrique Trujillo Hernández.

The film was very popular among the Australian public, members of the Association of Solidarity with Cuba and part of the diplomatic corps there.