Cuba in Australia

155th Anniversary of the Bayamo Anthem Commemorated in Australia

Canberra, October 20, 2023. The 155th anniversary of the Anthem of Bayamo was celebrated this afternoon at the Cuban Embassy in Australia. During the activity held at the headquarters of the Cuban diplomatic mission, the Ambassador of Cuba in the southern country unveiled a copy of the oldest known document of the National Anthem to deposit it next to the national flag at the headquarters. 

Ambassador of Cuba participates in the update session on the Blockade 

Canberra, October 19, 2023. The Cuban Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia, participated today in an update session on the embargo against Cuba sponsored by the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba of the Australian Parliament. During the meeting, the Cuban diplomat had the opportunity to inform the participating parliamentarians about the damage caused by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba to the development of the Cuban people. 

Cuba at the "Floriade" Festival in Canberra

Canberra, 14 October 2023. The Embassy of Cuba to the Commonwealth of Australia had its space in the "Floriade" festival sponsored by the authorities of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The event was an opportunity to highlight the values of Cuban culture, as well as to showcase and promote the sites of unparalleled beauty of the largest of the Antilles. 

Sydney dance with Cuban music this weekend.

Sydney, October 13, 2023. During this weekend, Cubans living in Australia hosted the Australian-Cuban Dance Festival "Del son a la Timba". The event includes a competition of casino of different dance schools that are developed in the Australian geography with Cuban artists residing in this country.