Ambassador of Cuba congratulates the Premier of Bangladesh.

New Delhi, April 9, 2017. Cuban Ambassador Oscar Martinez Cordovés greets and holds a brief exchange with the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Hon. Ms. Sheikh Hasina, during the reception given to the distinguished Bengali leader, in the framework of his State visit to India from 7 to 10 April 2017, at the invitation of the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. (Embassy of Cuba in India).

The Parliament of Cuba strengthening links with India and Bangladesh.

New Delhi, March 30 2017. A delegation of the National Assembly of the People's Power of Cuba (ANPP, Parliament) visited India from 26 to 29 March to exchange experiences and reinforce working links with Indian Parliament.

The chairwoman of the ANPP's International Relations Commission, Yolanda Ferrer, told Prensa Latina the visit was aimed at increasing bilateral links. The Cuban delegation was also integrated by deputies Lázaro Barredo and Surina Acosta, accompanied by Jesus Rafael Mora, official of the Commission of International Relations of the ANPP.

Bangladesh, Cuba carry same objectives, ideologies

18 December 2016

Oscar Israel Martinez Cordoves, Ambassador of Republic of Cuba to New Delhi, recently came to Dhaka for one-day visit to attend Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit. During his visit, he spoke on Fidel Castro, who recently passed away, Bangladesh, Cuba relations and other important issues including health sector of Cuba in an inclusive interview with The Asian age. The interview was taken by Golam Rosul, Senior Sub-editor, The Asian Age at honorary consul of Cuba, Bangladesh, Obaid Jaigirdar's residence at Banani, Dhaka.

Cuba denounces at the 9th Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the US hostile policy against the island on migration.

New Delhi, India. December 13, 2016.  The 9th Summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development was held from 10th to 12th December in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This event was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of this country Ms. Sheikh Hasina who affirmed the international community is working with states and civil society to push for a comprehensive Global Compact of Migrants and Refugees by 2018.

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