Cuba in Barbados

Received at the Embassy of Cuba in Barbados the Ambassador of Egypt in Cuba and Barbados, Maher El-Adawy.

The Egyptian Ambassador to Cuba, H.E. Maher El-Adawy, accredited as concurrent in other Caribbean countries, paid a courtesy visit to the Cuban Embassy in Barbados, where he shared about his country's relations with the region and the characteristics of the Caribbean island countries. Both ambassadors shared about their respective stays in Egypt and the Caribbean, especially that of Ambassador El-Adawy in Cuba-


Tribute to Caribbean Patriarch Robert ¨Bobby¨ Clarke by the progressive forces of Barbados and the University of the West Indies.

Flyer convocando homenaje a Bobby Clarke

Barbadian civil society organizations, with the support of government representation and the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, convened a tribute ceremony to the tireless progressive fighter Robert ¨Bobby¨ Clarke, with a view to recognizing him on his arrival at 90 years of age a tradition of struggle and combat alongside the most progressive forces in the Caribbean, and his unwavering commitment to the Cuban Revolution since the 1960s.