Cuba in Barbados

Celebrations for May Day in Barbados by representatives of cooperative specialists of medicine and sports as well as diplomats.

Representación de los colabores médicos y deportivos y los diplomáticos cubanos en Barbados

Marked by the delivery on April 28, Barbados Heroes Day, in a national ceremony at the Kensington Oval, Barbados' main stadium of humanitarian awards to the anonymous heroes who faced the pandemic on the Island of Barbados, a representation of Cuban medical and sports collaborators gathered on the grass of the Rockley Golf Course to celebrate May Day together with all our people. Another group that was on duty at the Harrison Point medical isolation facility held a ceremony there at the same time to commemorate the date.


Latin American and Caribbean musical cultural evening at the Embassy of Cuba in Barbados.

Musicos y diplomaticos latinoamericanos y caribeños

Organized by the Coalition of Pan-Africanist Associations and the Embassy of Cuba and with the presence of Latin American and Barbadian diplomats, a cultural evening was held with guitars and drums in which different songs and rhythms from Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica were performed, as well as classics from the international repertoire. In about three hours, five guitarists and two drummers took the audience through the fields of memory and regional geography, from the new tango to calypso and Cuban song, it was a night of sincere Latin American and Caribbean friendship.

Meeting at the Barbadian Foreign Ministry to evaluate the activity of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade and continuity of the medical collaboration between Barbados and Cuba.

Meeting at the Barbadian Foreign Ministry

On the occasion of the completion of two years of work by the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in Barbados to confront COVID-19, convened by the Senior Minister in charge of Social and Environmental Policies and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, the Most Honorable Senator Dr. Jerome X. Walcott, a meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry with the Ambassador of Cuba in which the Minister of Health and Welfare, Ian Gooding-Edghill MP, the Minister of State in charge of the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Dr.

The Ambassador of Cuba in Barbados met the new Director General of Protocol at the Foreign Ministry.

La Directora de Protocolo de Barbados, Sra. Resa Layne y el Embajador Sergio Jorge Pastrana

The Ambassador of Cuba in Barbados was received at the Foreign Ministry for a courtesy meeting and update of the exchanges by the new Director of Protocol of Barbados, Mrs. Resa Layne. The meeting made it possible to update elements of collaboration and bilateral exchanges and the celebration of commemorative events in both countries during the coming months. Both officials confirmed the good progress of bilateral relations that this year precisely reach half a century of establishment by the historical leaders of both countries Erroll Barrow and Fidel Castro.