Cuba in Barbados

Cuban diplomats in Barbados participated in the Festival in honor of International Poetry Day in Freedom Park, Bridgetown's Golden Square.

Reading I am Somebody, poem by Nancy Morejón.

Poet Winston Farrell from Barbados called on the country's poets to celebrate Poetry Day at the recently opened Freedom Park in the Golden Square of Downtown Bridgetown. There, together with the priest Baba John Howell, he acknowledged the presence of the Cuban diplomats and invited the Ambassador to participate reflecting the presence of Cuba and its constant contribution to the Caribbean, despite being constantly harassed by the US blockade.

Commemoration of International Women's Day in Barbados with a welcome activity for the new Chargé d'Affaires of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by Barbadian solidarity movements and the Embassy of Cuba.

Los representantes diplomáticos y de los movimientos de solidaridad reunidos.

On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day, the representatives of the solidarity movements with Cuba, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Africa met with Cuban and Venezuelan diplomats at the Higher Institute of Hospitality and Tourism of Barbados for an act of tribute to that day and of reception to the first woman who arrives in Barbados as Venezuelan Ambassador in the position of Chargé d'Affaires of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Mrs. Martha Ortega.


The Popular Consultation on the Cuban Family Code was held in the Cuban State Mission in Barbados.

The Popular Consultation on the Cuban Family Code was held in Barbados.

Between Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, 2022, two meetings were held in Barbados in which the group of members of the ¨Henry Reeve¨ Medical Brigade that provides services to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports trainers and Cuban diplomats on mission in this country, after studying the bill distributed for weeks, all had the opportunity to contribute their criteria in the form of additions, modifications, deletions and comments to the bill, which were collected by the table made up of three representatives of the three sectors of the Cuban collaborators in Barbados.

The Local Electoral Commission was set up in the Cuban State Mission in Barbados for the popular consultation on the new Cuban Family Code of Law.

Juramento de la Comisión Electoral de Circunscripción en Barbados.

The Local Electoral Commission was established in Barbados for the popular consultation on the new Cuban Family Code, which will be the subject of two meetings of Cuban voters who are presently within an official mission in Barbados, a process that will take place during the first week of the month of March 2022.

For this purpose, the text of the bill has been distributed to all Cuban aid workers in Barbados in the missions of doctors and nurses of the "Henry Reeve" Brigade, and in the sports coaches brigade of Cubadeportes.

Interview in Mornin´ Barbados on the celebration of CARICOM-Cuba Day.

Interview in Mornin´ Barbados

On December 6, 2021 Cuban Ambassador Sergio Jorge Pastrana, took part in the weekly section of the daily Journal Mornin' Barbados at CBC-8 TV dedicated to CARICOM in order to showcase the celebration of CARICOM-Cuba Day next December 8 in commemoration of the start of the 50th year of diplomatic relations of Cuba with the four first independent countries of the English speaking Caribbean: Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad, led respectively by Fidel Castro, Erroll Barrow, Forbes Burnham, Michael Manley and Eric Wiliams.