Cuba in Barbados

Minister of Education of Barbados discusses bilateral cooperation with Cuban Ambassador.

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Education of Barbados, Hon. Ronald D. Jones, received in his office the Cuban ambassador, Francisco Fernández Peña, to analyze the progress of bilateral cooperation and noted the high significance of the Cuban cooperation, both among their countries and with the rest of the sister nations of CARICOM, why he aimed to maintain and expand on areas where possible.

FAO appreciated Cuban technical assistance against Black Sigatoka in OECS region.

FAO Sub regional Coordinator, Dr. JR Deep Ford, positively assessed in a meeting with Cuban Ambassador to Barbados, Francisco Fernández Peña, support of Cuban government to the program in progress to confront the Black Sigatoka in the Caribbean countries. At the moment the Cuban expert, Dr. Luis Pérez-Vicente, makes a working tour through banana plantations of 5 OECS members countries that have been affected by this disease, as part of a technical assistance financed with funds from the sub regional FAO office, based in Barbados.

Minister of Tourism of Barbados to strengthen cooperation with Cuba and CTO.

The Barbadian Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, current president of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), confirmed the aspiration of this regional organization to deepen the historic ties of cooperation with Cuba, during a meeting with Cuban Ambassador in this country, Francisco Fernandez, accompanied by CTO Secretary General, Hugh Riley. At that meeting Mr. Huge Riley made a detailed presentation of existing partnerships, upcoming activities the organization, including the promotion of Cuban tourism in international markets where the CTO offices, such as Canada and Europe.

Acting Barbadian Chancellor attends the Reception for the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the birth anniversary of José Martí

The Honorable Steve Blackett, Barbados acting chancellor, presided over the official delegation and said the words on behalf of his Government at the Reception by the 56th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the 162 anniversary of the birth of our national hero, José Martí, activity attended by more than a hundred people from diverse sectors of Barbadian society, among government politicians and opposition parliamentarians, businessmen, artists and intellectuals, diplomats, consular and agencies and CARICOM UN accredited in Barbados, as well as managers and members of the vario

Deputy Foreign Minister of Barbados reviewed the bilateral agenda with Cuban Ambassador.

Mrs. Simone Rudder, Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in office, received  the Cuban Foreign Ministry Barbadian Ambassador, Francisco Fernández, meeting served to review the main issues of bilateral and regional agenda. The occasion was propitious to coordinate actions in the face of the Third CELAC Summit, to be held on 28th and 29th of January in Costa Rica. Also, the willingness to further develop cooperation in various spheres was identified.