Cuba in Canada

Celebration of the Commander in Chief's Birthday.

The Cuban Consulate in Toronto celebrated the 97th birthday of our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro. The activity included heartfelt poems, videos and music, as well as an emotional moment in which phrases and achievements of the Revolution under the guidance of our beloved Fidel were recalled.

Cantata to Fidel on the 97th anniversary of his birth.

The Embassy of Cuba in Canada paid a heartfelt tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on the 97th anniversary of his birth. The event was attended by members of solidarity organizations, friends of Cuba and Cubans residents in Canada.

Throughout the evening, Fidel Castro was remembered as the protagonist and leader of Cuba's foreign policy and as a paradigm for all the peoples worldwide.

Music was the protagonist of the evening, with performances that honored our Commander-in-Chief and thrilled the audience.

July 26 is celebrated in the city of Toronto

Members of the Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto participated in the activity organized by "Toronto Forum on Cuba" solidarity association to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the National Rebellion Day. The activity also counted on the participation of the renowned intellectual and professor emeritus of Latin American literature at the University of Toronto, Dr. Keith Ellis. 

The date was celebrated with words and cultural performances by young Palestinians who defend the work of the Cuban Revolution as well as the solidarity of our people.