Cuba in Canada

Statement Associations of Cuban Residents in Canada against the blockade

The Associations of Cuban Residents in Canada join our voice to the worldwide demand for the United States to immediately lift the illegal blockade that it unilaterally imposes on Cuba since 1962. This inhumane blockade not only affects our families and friends on the island, making their lives miserable but also hampers the efforts of Cubans who live abroad to help them, given its extraterritorial implementation.

Importance of using non-personal procedures

Ottawa, March 17, 2020 .- Considering the epidemiological situation that exists at the moment, we suggest users of our services make optimal use of the non-personal service: EMAIL and Postal Mail when in need of our consular services. The necessary conditions are in place to guarantee all services (except new passports, notarized documents and citizenship applications) through non-personal procedures.

Cuban-Canadian relationship has remained strong regardless of governing party, says senior Cuban official

'I believe that our relationship for all these years has been guided by state policy,' says Marcelino Medina González.

Political turnover in Ottawa has had little impact over the Canada-Cuba relationship, instead the relationship has remained steadfast due to “state policy,” says a senior Cuban foreign affairs official.

Marcelino Medina González, Cuba’s first deputy minister of Foreign Affairs—the equivalent to Canada’s deputy minister of Foreign Affairs—was in Ottawa last week as part of the fifth round of annual consultations between Cuba and Canada.

Interview with First Deputy Minister Medina on Expanding Political Dialogue and Links Between Cuba-Canada

First Deputy Minister Marcelino Medina González of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Canada this week leading a Cuban delegation to attend the annual political consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Cuba and Global Affairs Canada. The First Minister's visit coincides with the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Cuba.

Marcelino Medina González, a career diplomat, was appointed First Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba in 2009.