Cuba in Canada

A "Glance" at Cuba from Ottawa

Ottawa, 14 de June, 2018. The Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa held on Wednesday evening the "Cuba at a Glance" event with the aim of promoting Cuban traditional products such as coffee, rum, cigars and lobster, as well as Cuba´s tourism and business opportunities in Canada.

Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa receives children from a school in the community.

Ottawa, June 4, 2018.- The building of the Embassy of Cuba in the federal capital of Canada was filled this morning with the voices and laughter of 50 children attending 5th and 6th grades at Hopewell Avenue Public School, which belongs to the community in which the diplomatic headquarters is located.


"Bravo" Cuban Film Festival in Toronto.

Toronto, May 28th, 2018. Organized by the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association (CCFA-Toronto) the "Bravo" Cuban Film Festival was exhibited during last weekend in Toronto.