Liberian group of solidarity with Cuba together with Embacuba Liberia Collective participated in the virtual meeting "Cuba Vencerá".

Monrovia, July 21, 2021 - Last night, executives of the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group joined the Cuban Embassy in Liberia and participated in the virtual event "Cuba Vencerá".

During the meeting they discussed the current situation in Cuba and the most recent events in the largest of the Antilles, the destabilization attempts promoted and financed from abroad and the unprecedented media onslaught against the Cuban revolutionary process.

From Liberia the support and solidarity with the people and government of Cuba.

Monrovia, July 20, 2021 - Liberians who graduated in Cuba, land that turned them into good men and women, expressed that Cuba is not alone.

They reaffirmed their support to the homeland of Commander Fidel Castro, an example of solidarity and internationalism, and made public their denunciation of the destabilizing attempts coordinated by the United States, which took place in Cuba last July 11.

Association of Friendship with Cuba in Namibia condemns on television the attacks against the Island.

Association of Friendship with Cuba in Namibia condemns on television the attacks against the Island.

Namibia, July 19th, 2021- Cecilia Muzile, general secretary of the Namibia -Cuba Friendship Association (NAMCUFA), participated in the television program “Good Morning Namibia”, where she condemned the vandalism that occurred in Cuba and the orchestrated international campaign against the Island.

Liberia-Cuba Friendship Association issues statement condemning provocative acts.

Monrovia, July 19, 2021 - The Liberia-Cuba Friendship group expressed its support for the people and government of Cuba at a time when attempts to strangle and destabilize the Cuban revolution are on the rise.

It condemned the riots that took place on July 11 as a result of an intense political operation financed by Washington to create instability in Cuba at a time of difficult conditions caused by COVID-19 and the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade.

Head of the Cuban mission in Liberia holds fruitful meeting with the president of the Friendship Association.

Monrovia, July 19, 2021 - With the conviction that solidarity crosses walls, the Head of the Cuban Mission in Liberia Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, held a productive and warm meeting with the president of the Liberia-Cuba Friendship Association Kesselee King Kanneh.

During the exchange, full support was expressed for the Cuban Revolution and advocated for the self-determination of peoples and the peaceful solution of any contradiction; in favor of the sovereignty, defense and security of Cuba.

Declaration of Namibia - Venezuela Association

Declaration of Namibia - Venezuela Association

Namibia, July 16th, 2021- During the past few days, there were reports of widespread protests in Cuba. In some media they were presented as uprisings against the government of Cuba and parallels were even drawn to the protests in Eswatini against elite corruption and royal dictatorship. We wish to clarify the events in Cuba and place them into their political and socio-economic context.

Hatred cannot take possession of the Cuban soul, which is one of goodness

- Communist Party of Cuba First Secretary and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, appeared on Cuban television, yesterday evening, and stated,  "Peace and citizen tranquility, respect and solidarity among compatriots and others in need around the world, saving Cuba to continue building, growing, dreaming and achieving the greatest possible prosperity. This is our message to our people."


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