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Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. commemorates Camilo-Ché Day

With the youngest children as protagonists, the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. culminated the commemoration of Camilo-Ché Day.

Through their paintings, the children of the group expressed their admiration for two great heroes, who are remembered by all Cubans every October.

The children laid flowers to the Hero of Yaguajay and received a diploma for their participation in the contest "Painting your Hero", held at the diplomatic headquarters on the occasion of this day.

Tribute is paid to The Hero of Yaguajay in The Bahamas

Camilo Cienfuegos

THE BAHAMAS, 28th October 2016. –This afternoon members of the Cuban Mission in The Bahamas met at Montagu Beach in the Bahamian capital to pay tribute to the Commander of the Rebel Army Camilo Cienfuegos, one of the emblematic figures of the Cuban Revolution.

Diplomats and representatives of various Cuban entities currently in Nassau threw flowers into the sea marking the 57th anniversary of his physical disappearance. This ritual obeys to a traditional gesture of remembrance to the "Lord of the Vanguard", as Camilo was named by his comrades.

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