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Organ of the Communist Party highlights the holding in Brussels of an International Court against the blockade

Organ of the Communist Party highlights the holding in Brussels of an International Court against the blockade

The United States should pay reparations to Cuba

At a tribunal held in the EU Parliament in Brussels, a harsh verdict was handed down: the US blockade against Cuba violates international law, must cease immediately and the United States must pay compensation to the Cuban state, Cuban residents and companies. affected by more than 60 years of unjustly inflicted suffering. Furthermore, the blockade is of such a nature that it can be compared to a genocide.


Press Statement from the Friendship Association for the holding of the Court against the blockade.

Press Statement from the Friendship Association for the holding of the Court against the blockade.

The United States blockade against Cuba is on the bench as a defendant in the prosecutor's office in Brussels.

Danish Mogens Lykketoft testifies on the first day during the International Tribunal on the US blockade against Cuba.

Dear press!

As an illustration, we will briefly send you here information about a (hopefully) historic event in the international opposition to the United States blockade against Cuba:

Cuba to resubmit resolution against U.S. economic blockade

Havana, September 15

Cuba has the right to live without a U.S. economic blockade, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said, announcing that in November his country will once again present a draft resolution to put an end to that policy.

In a video on his Twitter account, the Minister said that for the 30th time the Caribbean nation will take to the United Nations General Assembly the proposal to put an end to the blockade, which only in the first 14 months of Joseph Biden’s administration caused damages amounting to 6 thousand 364 million dollars.

26 Democrats call on Biden to expand vaccine cooperation with Cuba

Washington, Jun 16

A group of House Democrats is currently urging US President Joe Biden´s administration to further soften sanctions against Cuba to aid distribution of Cuba´s home-grown Covid-19 vaccines worldwide.

In a letter led by Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), the US lawmakers heaped praise on Joe Biden´s loosening of travel and family remittance restrictions to Cuba, while asking for two-way cooperation on public health.

Ambassador of Cuba receives goodwill ambassador of "First Step Forum"

First Step Forum

A pleasant meeting was held by the Ambassador of Cuba, Beatriz Parra González, with His Excellency the Lutheran Bishop Joan Candelin, goodwill ambassador of the international organization "First Step Forum", who was received at the Cuban diplomatic headquarters. In the exchange, the Ambassador explained the state of the national economy since the tightening of the blockade, and its impact on the daily life of the people. Likewise, he referred to the control of the pandemic in the country, based on the development of three vaccines and two vaccine candidates.

Dishonest and cynical intentions of the U.S. blockade of Cuba rejected

Havana, February 3 (RHC)-- Cuba's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío, affirmed that the U.S. government is cynical and dishonest when it mentions the island's people's well-being as a motivation to maintain the blockade.

During a joint radio and TV broadcast by Radio Habana Cuba, Cubavisión Internacional, Prensa Latina, and Canal Caribe, the diplomat exemplified how the U.S. siege damages the lives of the island's people and that it is a systematic, flagrant, and total violation of the human rights of Cubans.

Measures imposed by US Government against FINCIMEX harm the Cuban people.

The inclusion of Fincimex in the list of restricted entities of the US State Department in June last, as well as the Treasury Department’s modifications to the regulations for the control of Cuban assets announced on Friday, October 23, will prevent remittances to Cuba through US companies with general licenses, which will directly harm the Cuban people and their relatives in the US.  

Doing so in the middle of a pandemic corroborates the US government’s cynicism, opportunism and contempt for the Cuban people.


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