Cuban music celebrates with another Grammy for Omara Portuondo

Famous Cuban singer Omara Portuondo has just won a Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical Album and the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM) proclaimed that Cuban music is celebrating today.

The institution expressed in its social networks the rejoicing of the recognition, once again, to the diversity and greatness of this cultural expression.

Omara with her album Vida was awarded this Thursday at the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, in a ceremony held in the Spanish city of Seville.

"Cuban culture under siege by fascist hatred".

Declaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the last few days, prestigious Cuban artists and intellectuals have been the targets of aggression, attacks, instigated and perpetrated by elements of the transnational extreme right wing, at events in certain European countries. The most recent examples have been the reprehensible attacks, with impunity, on the Buena Fe duo in certain settings in Spain and the shameful revocation of the distinguished writer Nancy Morejón’s appointment as Honorary Chair of the Paris Poetry Market in France.

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